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Manzil is a Real Estate Company that in collaboration with a number of major partners in Marbella can help you realize your dream and is established in 2015.

Marbella is located in the South of Spain, Costa del Sol, and also known as Andalusia.

A dream has its own meaning for each of us. My dream was:

  • not having a 9 to 5 job in which I sit indoors all day;
  • to enjoy my life now and not later when I retire;
  • having control over my own working hours (when does my working day start and end, how much work do I do per day);
  • to live in an environment with a warm sunny climate with a relaxed lifestyle and to relate to likeminded individuals who have also taken the plunge to live their dreams;

For me, Marbella provides this happy life due to the diversity of people, cultures (ex-pats from all over the world), different cuisines, sun, beach, nature, sights sounds, and aromas, getting to know people and learning something new every day fulfills my personal dream.

Together with you, I want to see how I can help you to live YOUR dream in Marbella.

Consider investing in a house (Real Estate) to rent, buying your own permanent home.

Manzil has recently started working with Marmorin Marbella and believes in a total Concept.

This means that we do not want to just sell something to a customer and forget them, but want to enter into a long-term relationship with them and be there for each other so that we can all profit from each other help and have a bright future together.

Enjoy, be happy, and live your dream!

Team Manzil Marabella


Haifa (Sales Executive)
Languages: EN / ARABIC
Email: [email protected]

Shama (CEO)
Languages: NL / EN / HINDI
Email: [email protected]
Tel (NL): +31 6 39 59 39 28

Sagar (Website & Social Media)
Languages: NL / EN
Email: [email protected]
Office: Voorburg, Marbella

Fred & Larisa (Sales Executive)
Languages: NL / EN / RU / DE
Email: [email protected]
Tel (NL): +31 6 24 75 98 03
Tel (ES): +34 618 027 587